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Software Language Engineers are real men; they like to engage with models

Ralf Lämmel

University of Koblenz-Landau

Tuesday 15 June, 09:30, Aula 2.5


Model-driven Engineering (MDE) focuses on creating models or abstractions, closer to domain concepts than to computing or implementation concepts. Software Language Engineering (SLE) is a friend methodology of MDE; SLE basically emphasizes a certain world view on software engineering, i.e., the permeating role of software languages in software and software development. Software Language Engineers are particularly excited about dealing with the diversity of languages and technical spaces in the real world. They are keen to do parsing, processing, analysis, transformation, and generation for whatever language cocktail they encounter; they reuse, integrate, and tame language tools, as much as they see fit for the requirements at hand. We describe an exercise on SLE where we reverse-engineer the code of GMF-based visual editors so that certain kinds of code-level dependencies are derived. This exercise involves a Java object model, two metamodels for fact extraction, the DOT language for graphs, and Prolog as the central programming tool.

Joint work with Davide Di Ruscio and Alfonso Pierantonio, University of L'Aquila


Contact: Alfonso Pierantonio,



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