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Model-Based Engineering of Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Bran Selic

President and Founder, Malina Software Corp.

Wednesday 09 June, 09:30, Seminar Room Mathematics Department

Abstract. The construction and exploitation of models are integral to any engineering discipline. Engineering models are used both to reason about a design and its properties as well as to communicate these to others. A useful engineering model typically focuses on the essential properties of interest while abstracting away those aspects that are of lesser consequence, thereby permitting us to cope with otherwise overwhelming complexity. Given the complexity of modern real-time and embedded software systems, it is quite natural to use models and modeling in their design. However, while models have been used in software development for a long time (consider, for example, the classical flow-chart notation used to describe algorithmic procedures), it is only recently that their full potential for boosting productivity and quality has been recognized and effectively realized in software engineering. In this talk, we first examine the essential characteristics of model-based software engineering and then focus on its application to real-time and embedded systems, including a review of the relevant latest developments and standards. Next, we examine the state of the art as well as the state of the practice of these methods and technologies in industrial settings. Finally, we discuss the challenges to and opportunities for extending the current capabilities of model-based real-time software and systems development.

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