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Advanced Software Architecture Design and Specification using Model-Based Engineering Methods

Bran Selic

President and Founder, Malina Software Corp.

Tuesday 08 June, 09:30, Aula 1.6

Abstract. Although there is no strict consensus on the precise definition of “software architecture”, there is general agreement that it plays a central and crucial role in the design, implementation, and maintenance of complex software systems. Since architectural design necessarily precedes implementation and since the architecture of a program cannot be easily discerned from the code itself, models and modeling techniques are an integral aspect of the software architecture discipline. In this seminar, we examine the how recent important developments in model-based software engineering (MBSE) methods can be exploited to facilitate the task of software architecture design and specification. The talk is divided into three parts: [1] a comprehensive review of the domain of software architecture specification and design, [2] an in-depth review of key MBSE methods and technologies, and [3] a description of how the two fields are combined for effective design of software systems. A pragmatic approach is favoured throughout, based on real-world case studies and established industry standards.

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