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S. Costantini, O. D'Antona, A. Provetti. On the Equivalence and Range of Applicability of Graph-based Representations of Logic Programs, Information Processing Letters (84):2

S. Costantini. On the existence of stable models of non-stratified logic programs, Dipartimenti di Informatica, Università di L'Aquila, Tech. Report 2003/026


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S. Costantini, A. Tocchio. A Logic Programming Language for Multi-agent Systems, 8th European Conference, Jelia 2002, Lecture Notes in artificial Intelligence

S. Costantini, R. P. Otero, A. Provetti, T. C. Son. Disjunctive Logic Programs with Inheritance Revisited (A Preliminary Report), Foundations of Intelligent Systems, Proceedings of 13th International Symposium ISMIS02, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence


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S. Costantini, J. Barklund, P. Dell'Acqua, G. A. Lanzarone. Reflective Computational Logic, Journal of Logic and Computation (10):6


S. Costantini. Towards Active Logic Programming, Electronic Proceedings of COCL'99, Second International Workshop on Component-Based Software Development in Computational Logic

S. Costantini, G. Brignoli, O. D'Antona, A. Provetti. Characterizing and Computing Stable Models of Logic Programs: the non-Stratified Case, 1999 Conference on Information Technology


S. Costantini, J. Barklund, P. Dell'Acqua, G. A. Lanzarone. Multiple Metareasoning Agents for Flexible Query-Answering Systems,


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S. Costantini, G. A. Lanzarone. Static Semantics as Program Transformation and Well-Founded Computation, Non-Monotonic Extensions of Logic Programming, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence


S. Costantini, G. A. Lanzarone. A Metalogic Programming Approach: Language, Semantics and Applications, JETAI, International Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence

S. Costantini, A. Provetti. Normal Forms for Answer Sets Programming, UniversitÓ degli Studi di L'Aquila, Tech. Report



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