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P. Inverardi, M. Venturini-Zilli. Rational Rewriting, MFCS 1994, LNCS

P. Inverardi, N. De Francesco. Proving Fineteness of CCS Processes by Non-standard Semantics, ACTA INFORMATICA (31):1, pagg. 55-80

P. Inverardi, D. Yankelevich, C. Priami. Automatizing Parametric Reasoning on Distribuited Systems, Formal Aspects of Computing 1994 (6):, pagg. 676-695

P. Inverardi, P. Asirelli, D. Di Grande, F. Nicodemi. Graphics by a Logic Database Management System, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing (5):, pagg. 365-388


P. Inverardi, D. Yankelevich, C. Priami. Extended Transition Systems for Parametric Bisimulation, 20th ICALP, LNCS

P. Inverardi, B. Krishnamurthy, D. Yankelevich. Yeast: A Case Study for a Practical Use of Formal Methods, TAPSOFT 1993, LNCS

P. Inverardi, A.Bucci, S. Martini. An Executable Impredicative Semantics for the Ada Configuration, Formal Aspects in Computing (5):, pagg. 91-120

P. Inverardi, F Mazzanti. Experimenting Dynamic Linking with Ada, Software Practice & Experience (23):1, pagg. 1-14


P. Inverardi, M. Boreale, M. Nesi. Complete Sets of Axioms for Finite Basic LOTOS Behavioural Equivalences, Information Processing Letters, North-Holland (43):3, pagg. 155-160


P. Inverardi, M. Nesi. A Rewriting Strategy to Verify Observational Congruence, Information Processing Letters, North-Holland (35):, pagg. 191-199


P. Inverardi, A. Fantechi, N. Lijtmaer. Using High Level Languages for Local Computer Communication: A case study in Ada, Software Practice & Esperience (16):8, pagg. 701-717



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