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P. Inverardi, D. Hirsch,U.Montanari. Modelling Software Architectures with Graph Grammars and Constraint Solving, WICSA

P. Inverardi, D. Compare, A.L. Wolf. Uncovering Architectural Mismatch in Component Behavior, Science Of ComputerProgramming (33):2, pagg. 101-131

P. Inverardi, M. Venturini-Zilli, B. Intrigila. A Comprehensive Setting for Matching and Unification over Iterative Terms, FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE (39):3, pagg. 273-300

P. Inverardi, F. Corradini, D. D'Ortenzio. On the Relationships among four Timed Process Algebras, FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE (38):, pagg. 377-395

P. Inverardi, F. Corradini. Model Checking of CHAM Descriptions of Software Architectures, WICSA


P. Inverardi, D. Hirsch,U. Montanari. Graph Grammars and Constraint Solving for Software Architectures, ISAW3

P. Inverardi, S. Balsamo, C. Mangano, F. Russo. Performance Evaluation of a Software Architecture: A case Study, IWSSD-9

P. Inverardi, P. Inverardi, C. Mangano. An Approach to Performance Evaluation o f Software Architectures, WOSP'98


P. Inverardi, D. Yankelevich, A. Wolf. Checking Assumptions in Components Dynamics at the Architectural Level, Coordination 1997, LNCS

P. Inverardi, A. Bertolino, H. Muccini, A. Rosetti. An Approach to Integration Testing Based on Architectural Descriptions, ICECCS 1997


P. Inverardi, D. Compare. Modelling Interoperability by CHAM: A case Study, Coordination 1996, LNCS

P. Inverardi, A. Bertolino. Architecture-based Software Testing, ISAW-2

P. Inverardi, D. Yankelevich. Relating CHAM descriptions of Software Architectures, IWSSD-8

P. Inverardi, C. Priami. Automatic Verification of Distribuited Systems: The Process Algebra Approach, Formal Methods in System Design, Kluwer Academic Pu, pagg. 7-38


P. Inverardi, A.L. Wolf. Formal Specifications and Analysis of Software Architectures Using the Chemical Abstract Machine Model, Transaction of Software Engeneering (21):4, pagg. 373-386

P. Inverardi, M. Nesi. Infinite Normal Forms for Non-linear Term Rewriting Systems, Theoretical Computer Science (152):, pagg. 285-303

P. Inverardi, M. Nesi. Deciding Observational Congruence of Finite-State CCS Expressions by Rewriting, Theoretical Computer Science (139):, pagg. 315-354

P. Inverardi, X.M. Chen, C. Montagero. ESP-MC: An Experiment on the Use of Verification Tools, ACSC 1995, LNCS

P. Inverardi, N. De Francesco, A. Fantechi, S. Gnesi. Model Checking of non-finite state processes by finite approximations, TACAS 1995, LNCS


P. Inverardi. Rewriting for Preorder Relations, CTRS 1994, LNCS



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