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P. Inverardi, Fabio Mancinelli, Henry Muccini, Patrizio Pelliccione. An Experience in Architectural Extensions: Active Objects in J2EE, FIDJI02, LNCS

P. Inverardi, Marco Castaldi, Sharareh Afsharian. A Case Study in Performance, Modifiability and Extensibility Analysis of a Telecommunication System Software Architecture, MASCOT'02

P. Inverardi, F. Mancinelli, G. Marinelli. A Formal Framework for Tailoring MID Applications, , Tech. Report

P. Inverardi, F. Mancinelli, G. Marinelli. Correct Deployment and adaptation of softwrae applications on heterogeneous (mobile) devices, First ACM SIGSOFT Workshop on Self-Healing Systems (WOSS '02)

P. Inverardi, F. Mancinelli, G. Marinelli. Adaptive applications for mobile heterogeneous devices, International Workshop on Mobile Teamwork 2002

P. Inverardi, F. Mancinelli, H. Muccini, P. Pelliccione. An Experience in Architectural Extension: Active Object in J2EE, International Workshop on scientific engineering of Distributed Java applications (FIDJI'2002), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), pagg. 87-98


P. Inverardi, Simone Scriboni. Connectors Synthesis for Deadlock-Free Component Based Architectures, 16th ASE 2001

P. Inverardi, Massimo Tivoli. Automatic Synthesis of Deadlock free connectors for COM/DCOM Applications, FSE/ESEC 2001

P. Inverardi, Federica Aquilani, Simonetta Balsamo. Performance Analysis at the Software Architectural Design Level, PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (45):issu

P. Inverardi, Sebastian Uchitel. Proving Deadlock Freedom in Component-Based Programming, FASE 2001, LNCS

P. Inverardi, C. Colafigli, R. Matricciani. InfoParco: An Experience in Designing an Information System Accessible through WEB and WAP Interfaces, HICCS-34

P. Inverardi, L. Dionisio, G. Della Penna, B. Intrigila. On Designing M-commerce Applications, 2001 International Workshop on Software Engineering and Mobility

P. Inverardi, L. Dionisio, B. Intrigila. On Mobile Commerce and Cellular Phones, IFIP TC8 Working Conference

P. Inverardi, N. De Francesco, A. Fantechi, S. Gnesi. Finite Approximations for Model Checking non-finite state processes, Computer Journal (44):2

P. Inverardi, H. Muccini, P. Pelliccione. Checking consistency between architectural models using Spin, The First Int. Workshop from Software Requirements to Architectures (STRAW'01)

P. Inverardi, H. Muccini, P. Pelliccione. Automated Check of Architectural Models Consistency using Spin, Automated Software Engineering Conference Proceedings (ASE 2001)


P. Inverardi, F. Andolfi, F. Aquilani, S. Balsamo. Deriving Performance Models of Software Architectures from Message Sequence Charts, 2nd WOSP2000

P. Inverardi, Daniel Yankelevich, Alexander L. Wolf. Static Checking of Systems Behaviors Using Derived Component Assumptions, ACM TOSEM (9):3, pagg. 239-272


P. Inverardi, Candida Attanasio, Flavio Corradini. Yet Another Real-Time Specification for the Steam Boiler : Local Clocks to Statically Measure Systems Performance, FASE'99, LNCS

P. Inverardi, Candida Attanasio, Flavio Corradini. Static Analysis of Real-Time Component-based Systems Configurations, COORDINATION'99, LNCS



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