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F. Rossi, A. Agnetis, M. Dror, A. Vakharia. Tool handling and scheduling in a Two Machine Flexible Manufacturing Cell, IIE Transactions, pagg. 425-437

F. Rossi, A. Agnetis, D. Pacciarelli. Lot scheduling in a Two Machine Cell with Swapping Device, IIE Transactions, pagg. 911-917

F. Rossi, A. Agnetis. Lagrangian Relaxation Approach to the Stock Size Problem, INFORMS Spring 1996


F. Rossi, A. Agnetis, M. Lucertini, S. Nicoletti, F. Nicol˛, G. Oriolo, D. Pacciarelli, A. Pacifici, E. Pesaro. The Decision Process for the Material Flow Management in a FIAT Car Assembly Plant, OPTIMIZATION IN INDUSTRY 3: Mathematical Programming and Modeling Techniques in Practice


F. Rossi, A. Agnetis, G. Oriolo, D. Pacciarelli. A Dynamic Lookahead Dispatching Rule in a Flexible Flow Line for Automobile Assembly, 12th Triennal World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, pagg. 493-496



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