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Special Issue on Success Stories in Model Driven Engineering

Science of Computer Programming - Call for Papers

Friday 02 September, 17:51

Guest Editors

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is an emerging software discipline which promotes a new way to develop and maintain software systems by using models as the primary artifacts of the software development process. The relevance of such a discipline is witnessed by the increasing interest in many scientific endeavors and industrial projects. 

Historically model transformations and code generation from abstract models have been among the main MDE applications. Nevertheless, they represent only a partial constituent of the MDE application ambit: recent advances in MDE have shown how differencing techniques, model management, megamodeling and interoperability are equally relevant to leverage the discipline of MDE while gaining acceptance in current practices.

However, success stories about MDE applications rarely occur in the literature since many issues are still open and unresolved despite the maturity reached by a number of tools, including transformation languages. Thus, researchers tend to focus on investigating conceptual if not theoretical aspects disregarding the relevance of the assessment of the overall discipline in terms of its application to real scale and complexity scenarios. While such robust theoretical contributions are of paramount importance, applications emerging from the most disparate domains may reveal new directions for development of the theory as well as lessons of transferable value for future MDE practice.

For this special issue, we invite contributions which show how MDE techniques can be successfully applied in practice showing experiences and providing insights on issues encountered when applying these approaches in practice. Thus, high quality experience reports focused on industrial practice and applications of MDE techniques and tools are solicited. Papers representing the results of MDE projects consistently based on a partnership between industry and academia are considered highly relevant.


Topics of interest for this special issue are related to those aspects of MDE and its application which can be considered success stories or best practices. The topics are not limited to the 

  • Experience reports on industrial practice and applications of MDE techniques and tools
  • Success stories in developing and deploying MDE tools on realistic or real projects (large-scale, complex, complicated)
  • Empirical assessment of MDE practices, technologies or processes, particularly as applied in realistic or real projects
  • Success and failure factors in enabling MDE adoption in complex organizations
  • Enabling factors for the economic sustainability of MDE in industry
  • Industrial quality benchmarks with model driven development
  • Practical advice and success stories to help organization in adopting MDE

Authors who are unsecure about the appropriateness of their contribution with respect to the special issue goals are invited to contact the editors.

Submission details

Submissions should describe original contributions and should not have been published or submitted elsewhere. Submissions based on conference papers should be extended and include a reference to the corresponding proceedings. All submissions will be reviewed by at least three reviewers. Final decisions on accepted papers will be approved by an editor in chief.

Manuscripts should be prepared for publication in accordance with instructions given in the Guide for Authors:

The submission and review process will be carried out using Elsevier's EES system. Please visit to submit.  To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue you are editing, it is important that authors select 'SI:Success Stories in MDE' when they reach the "Article Type" step in the submission process.

Important Dates

Intent to submit: 01 Feb 2012
Paper submission: 29 Feb 2012
Notification: 15 Apr 2012 June 2012
Publication: 2012





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