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Autonomous Agents and Artificial Intelligence

Friday 04 March, 10:35

RESEARCH TOPICS: Computational Logic, Artificial intelligence


Logic Programming with Negation, Non-Monotonic Reasoning

The research group has contributed to the theory and practice of Answer Set Programming (ASP). Among the main results are syntactic conditions for the existence of stable models, and methods to usefully represent programs as graphs. Recent developments concern the introduction into ASP of the possibility of reasoning about resources and complex preferences. RASP (Resourced ASP) has been prototypically implemented.

Logical Agents

The group has proposed a new logic programming language, called DALI, with active and reactive rules, fully implemented and experimented in concrete applications, namely in user monitoring and training, hybrid architectures and negotiation scenarios. Recent developments concern run-time self-checking techniques for agents, semantic web support and ASP modules for reasoning about possibility and necessity. Recent research work on negotiation is related to logic techniques to cope with contract violations.

Knowledge extraction from Natural Language

The group is building upon recent work about translating natural language sentences into ASP, so as to take into account sentences that imply uncertain knowledge, by adopting forms of meta-reasoning and default reasoning and by using disambiguation, ontological reasoning and translation into OWL as intermediate steps. 


  • Stefania Costantini (Full Professor) personal web page
  • Pasquale Caianiello (Assistant Professor)
  • Ph.D. Students: Alessio Paolucci, Domenico Bertoncelli, Niva Florio. 


The group participated in several national and international projects, among which the European Projects WASP (Working Group on Answer Set Programming) and CUSPIS (a Cultural Heritage Space Identification System). The group is presently a member of the SINTELNET European Network for Social Intelligence and of the COST action IC0801 “Agreement Technologies”. 


  • University of Perugia, Italy (Andrea Formisano)
  • University, Sweden (Pierangelo Dell'Acqua)
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal (Luìs Moniz Pereira)
  • Universidad Politècnica de Madrid, Spain (David Pearce)
  • University of Messina, Italy (Alessandro Provetti) 





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