Marco Autili

Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze dell'Informazione e Matematica (DISIM) - Universtà dell'Aquila
Via Vetoio, I-67010 L'Aquila (Italy)

Assistant Professor
Department of Information Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics (DISIM)
University of L'Aquila - ITALY
He is member of the Software Engineering and Architecture group (SEA Lab) , Department of Information Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics (DISIM) - University of L'Aquila - ITALY

Main research areas are

  • Software Engineering
  • Formal Methods
  • Context-oriented Programming
  • Distributed Systems

In these areas, main Research & Development activities include:

  • Engineering of Service-oriented Systems and Component-based Systems
  • Automated Synthesis for Composing Distributed Systems, from Coordination to Protocol Mediation/Adaptation
  • Formal Specification and Analysis of Complex Distributed Systems
  • Formal Specification and Checking of Temporal Properties
  • Context-oriented Programming and Resource-oriented Analysis of Adaptable (mobile) Applications
  • More details about his professional and research activities can be found here

He is (has been) involved in a number of European and National projects, among which:

  • Mar 2014 - on going
    IDEAS (Integrated Design and Evolution of Adaptive Systems), Italian PRIN project.
  • Feb 2014 - on going (end 31 Jul, 2016)
    Learn PAd (Model-Based Social Learning for Public Administrations), STREP EU project, FP7
  • Oct 2010 - Sep 2013
    CHOReOS (Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet), IP EU project, FP7
  • Feb 2009 - Jun 2012
    CONNECT (Emergent Connectors for Eternal Software Intensive Networked Systems), FET EU project, FP7
  • Jan 2008 - Dic 2010
    D-ASAP (Adaptable Software Architectures and Reliable Pervasive Systems), Italian PRIN project
  • Feb 2006 - Sep 2008
    PLASTIC (Providing Lightweight and Adaptable Service Technology for pervasive Information and Communication), IST EU project, FP6
More details on his professional and research activity, together with the complete list of projects, can be found here

Upcoming Events

  • International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration (FASSI) - August 23-28, 2015 - Venice, Italy, under the NetWare 2015 umbrella.

  • Thematic Series on Service Composition for the Future Internet - Springer Journal of Internet Services and Applications (JISA).

  • Projects Showcase at the federation of leading conferences on Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF 2015) - July 20 to 24, 2014 - L'Aquila, ITALY

  • 1st International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for Component-Based Software Systems
    (ModComp 2014) at MODELS 2014 - September 29, 2014 - Valencia, Spain