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Ivano Malavolta

PhD Student

Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze dell'Informazione e Matematica
Via Vetoio - I-67100 L'Aquila (Italy)



My research interests include software architecture languages (ADLs), architectural interchange and interoperability between software architecture notations. I investigate the aforementioned research topics by studying techniques on model interchange, model-driven development, model transformation, weaving and megamodeling.

Recently I am also working on how to extend and customize an existing ADL with the aim to align it to the stakeholder concerns of the system-of-interest. The main idea is to provide support for "pushing" the ADLs used for modeling a system closer to its peculiar characteristics and concerns.

For more information about me please refer to my personal page




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Numerous articles published in international scientific journals, books, and ...

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