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ICMT 2009 - International Conference on Model Transformation

Jul 1, 2009 - Jul 4, 2009

As the complexity of IT systems grows, the role of models is becoming essential for dealing with the numerous aspects involved in their development and maintenance processes. Models allow capturing the relevant aspects of a system from a given perspective, and at a precise level of abstraction. In addition to models, the transformations between them are other key elements in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). Model transformations allow the definition and implementation of the operations on models, and also provide a chain that enables the automated development of a system from its corresponding models. Furthermore, model transformations may also be realized using models, and are, therefore, an integral part of any model-driven approach.

There are already several proposals for model transformation specification, implementation, and execution, which are beginning to be used by MDE practitioners. However, model transformations need specialized support in several aspects in order to realize their full potential. The problem goes beyond having specific languages to represent model transformations; we also need to understand their foundations, such as the key concepts and operators supporting those languages, their semantics, and their structuring mechanisms and properties (e.g., modularity, composability, and parameterization). In addition, model transformations can be stored in repositories as reusable assets, where they can be managed, discovered and reused. There is also a need to chain and combine model transformations in order to produce new and more powerful transformations, and to be able to implement new operations on models. Finally, model transformations need methodology support, i.e., they need to be integrated into software development methodologies supported by appropriate tools and environments.

The inaugural Conference on Model Transformations, ICMT 2008, follows the success of two previous Tracks on Model Transformation at the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing: MT 2006 (proceedings) at Dijon, France, and MT 2007 (proceedings) at Seoul, Korea. It will bring
together researchers and practitioners to share experiences in using model transformations. Like its predecessors, ICMT 2008 combines a strong practical focus with the theoretical approach required in any discipline that supports engineering practices.



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