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Bioinformatics - 6 CFU - a.a. 2017-2018

General Information
Bioinformatics page on DISIM Web Site

Office hours:
Friday 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. - email for appointment
office: Building A. Turing, second Floor
email address: antinisca.dimarco@univaq.it

Exam: homeworks; project and its discussion.

  • Biological definitions and concepts (DNA, RNA, microRNA, Central dogma, mutations,)
  • Main biological on-line DB. Data extraction from such systems.
  • Alignment algorithms and substitution matrix. Suffix Tree.
  • Phylogenetic analysis. Algorithms to build Phylogenetic trees. Test and accuracy.
  • Computation models for biological systems modeling. Petri Nets and Hidden Markov Model
  • Technologies and languages: Python, Bio-Python e NEO4J

Reference Tests:
  • Slides and some provided chapters
  • Scientific papers, slides and other material

  • Send me an email with name and course (e.g., master in Computer Science, etc)

Slides and teaching material
  • [March 1st 2018] - Introduction to the course and to Bioinformatics. Cell Structure and Functions [slides]
  • [March 2nd 2018] - MicroRNA. On-line DB.[slides]
  • [March 8h 2018] - Mutations. Single Alignment. [slides]
  • [March 09h 2018] - Petri nets for modelling and analysing Trophic networks [slides]
  • [March 15h 2018] - Lesson Cancelled
  • [March 16h 2017] - Substitution Matrix, PAM, BLOSUM, score schema for gap, exahustive and heuristic algoritm. [Slides publiced on march 8th]